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Desert Heat Updated + SP Teaser

Update Time!
This is the chapter that really led to this whole story coming about, so I hope you like it as much as me.
Also, if you'd like to relieve some of the past DH moments, particularly that full moon night, I've made available, after lots of back and forth with myself:
Please DO NOT make me regret this. If you see any part of my work copied on any other site other than my account on IF under TINA! please inform me asap. Action will be taken as it has in the past.
In case you missed it, Baby Hold On was updated yesterday:
I've replied to everyone on the comments thread. You'll see my comments all the way near the bottom in pink if you scroll. Leave your feedback there only please, it makes the site load faster.
Finally, I thought Secret Passion readers deserved something too today. Enjoy the teaser of Epi 29: His Birthday below!
Secret Passion Epi 29 Teaser:
Pressing a lingering, open-mouthed kiss to her husband's flat, very male nipple, Khushi trailed her hand down his toned chest. They were lying on a mammoth hammock on the uppermost level of the treehouse, arms and legs entwined.
Before her hand could venture any lower, a most unexpected sound interrupted them. For a moment, Khushi thought she'd imagined it.
But it was undeniably real. Arnav gave her a small smile of apology as he clicked on the phone. "I have to keep it on. Just in case."
Pouting, Khushi hugged him tight, muttering about how some things would never change. Not even here, far from any hint of modern civilization. Nestling closer, she heard bits and pieces of his conversation with whomever was on the line.
"Hello?... Yeah, I got your birthday message. Thanks... I'm great. How are things with you?"
Khushi's mouth bent in a frown as she studied her husband. She'd wanted him to relax on his birthday, but Mr. ASR clearly had business and work still on his mind. Deciding to tease him as he loved to tease her, she lowered her head, licking his nipple this time.
"I--" His voice broke off and he almost swore. "Fu--!" Catching himself just in time, Arnav turned to her, his gaze whipped over her with surprise. Khushi grinned in response.
"Get off the phone," she whispered.
Smirking, he shook his head. "That's great," he told the caller. "What about--" His voice cut off again as his wife's hand clamped over his hardness. Firmly. He promptly forgot whatever he'd been about to say.
In Naintal, Akash's brow bent as he stared down at the phone's flashing screen.
"Bhai? You there still?"
Arnav swallowed. "Yeah, Akash. I am."
Akash? Khushi's eyes rounded and she attempted to move her hand, but Arnav caught it easily, keeping it pressed to him. "Don't you dare stop," he mouthed.
Turning the phone aside for a moment, he reminded, "What did you say this morning? It's my birthday and I get whatever I want? Well, I want this. Now."
Her cheeks flaming bright red, Khushi followed his command, her hand sliding beneath his waistband and stroking skin.
Gritting his teeth to keep from moaning, Arnav hurried through the rest of his conversation. "That's... that's great news. Look, I'm busy. I'll call you later, okay Akash."
"Bhai, wait."
Arnav couldn't help it if his tone was a bit on the rude side. His control was in tatters and his wife wasn't helping matters, steadily working her way down his body, her delicate fingers rubbing over him with mind-numbing heat. "What is it?"
"Payal wanted to speak to Khushiji."
He paused at the mention of that woman, handing the phone stiffly to his wife. "Your sister."
Moistening her dry lips, Khushi answered in an unsteady voice, "Jiji? How are you?"
"Very bored," came the reply. "I wish we could have gone somewhere exotic too like you and Arnavji."
"You can always go next time, Ji--" Khushi's eyes swerved down to Arnav as he took her breast in his mouth, biting lightly.
"I'm on the phone," she mouthed, incredulous. "With my sister."
"So? End the conversation already, babe." His tongue flicked over the beaded peak.
"Khushi?" Payal had a bad feeling what was happening on the other side of the line. There was an odd breathiness in Khushi's voice, something she could have sworn she'd heard once before, though she couldn't remember the exact instance.
The husky sound of ASR's voice came through. She'd missed him during these endless, hellish days in Nainital and to hear him say her sister's voice with such longing, felt like a bodily slam.
"Khushi, babe, get off the damn phone already. I want you again."
Arnav deliberately spoke in such a loud tone that Payal was sure to hear. Ignoring his wife's scandalous look, he lowered his head back down, teasing her with gentle nips of his teeth and tongue.
In Naintal, Akash wondered why his wife appeared so upset. Her face looked glazed over and she was biting down on her bottom lip so hard, he feared it might bleed. He tried to turn her his way, but she threw off his hand, grasping the phone in a death grip.
"Khushi? Are you there still?" It was all increasingly becoming a game in her mind. Keep Khushi on the phone. Keep her away from Arnav. The man who should have been hers.
"Jiji, I..." Her eyes fluttered close. "I have to go right now. I'll call you later." 
"But Khushi, you haven't heard about Akash's business deal. It went through and--"
"Congrats. I'll call you later. Bye!"
The moment the call ended, Arnav chuckled. Khushi smacked his chest. "This is not funny. Oh God, what must they be thinking of us? I was so rude on the phone, wasn't I? I completely cut her off."
Her husband's smirk intensified as did the movements of his fingers between her thighs. "Good. You're too nice sometimes."
"Too nice?" It was hard to concentrate when his hands were on her but she tried, her chest heaving with each breath. "And how is that a bad thing?"
His gaze grew serious. "It can be bad. If you're too nice, people can take advantage of you, cheat you, hide the truth from you and you never once suspect it."
Her brow furrowed. "Do you really think so?" She shook her head as if to clear it. "It doesn't matter. That was my own sister. And I was so rude to her! I'll have to call and apologize."
Arnav's jaw hardened and his eyes flashed. "The hell you will. You were perfectly civil. End of discussion."
Khushi gave him a stern look. "I think you're carrying this birthday boy thing a little too far. You can't stop me from apologizing."
He fisted his hand in her hair, drawing her up for a deep, very thorough kiss that left her trembling. "Actually I can."
Holding her gaze, with one swift bend of his wrist, he chucked the phone over the side of the hammock and far into the trees. 
To be continued...

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Baby Hold On Updated NOW. DH tomorrow!

So it's a bit later than I hoped it would be, but the update is finally up. Heads up, there are just five more chapters of BHO to go. No sad faces please, let's enjoy this crazy love story all the way till the very end with Mr. Sexy and Sushi.
Note also: I will be updating Desert Heat tomorrow (it was what I was hinting to in my last note ;) If you follow me over at IF, fyi I will not be sending out any PMs till I've posted DH and my replies to everyone here.
See you all tomorrow,
ps. for those of you who asked or wondered, I'm feeling half-way to normal now. Hopefully this cold goes away soon because in my case, the saying 'doctors make the worst patients' is completely true :)

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Note about updates

To all those waiting for updates:
First of all, I'm really sorry for not updating :( 
Trust me,  it's not because I've forgotten or don't feel like writing (as you can tell from the length of my updates, I love to write endlessly, esp when it comes to arhi)
but I've been down with a very bad cold this past week.
A bit better today so I will be posting updates this weekend.
Just give me a day or two.
Appreciate your patience.
ps. shout out to all those who left questions, concerns, and messages on the comment thread
pss. I think this delay calls for an extra steamy and romantic update. I won't say which story though. Maybe you can guess ;)

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Secret Passion Mahaupdate + BHO teaser Updated!

Comment Thread
Plus, on popular demand, here's a teaser for Baby Hold On:
Part 24: Jealous Much?
It was one of those this-can't-be-happening-to-me moments. Everything felt surreal. I mean me and pregnant? Just saying that word in my mind made my stomach swoop and flip. I wanted to deny it, to shout that it wasn't true, but there was a pesky, niggling doubt in my head that just wouldn't leave me alone. Could the old Greek woman/gun-wielding mobster have been right? Was I really pregnant?
I had no way of finding out. None in the current scenario--all thanks to a certain Mr. Sexy, I fumed. It was only because of him I found myself cut off from civilization, sitting in the middle of an abandoned beach on some nameless island. I pinched my forearm--hard--but the vision didn't fade. I was really here, as far away from Laxmi Nagar as you could imagine.
Seawater dripped from my soaked hair and clothes, making me shiver. I was wet, cold, hungry, and more than anything, furious.
The others, to my chagrin, appeared utterly unaffected by the turn of events. Lavanya was snoring away beside me on the sand as if she was on vacation at some resort and Aman and Arnav were busy cutting down trees and bits of shrubbery from what I could tell. Raizada--damn him--was actually whistling as he worked.
I glared at his T-shirt covered back. The man had no idea what I was going through! None at all! To think that I'd been out to make him confess and instead, I'd confessed--right in front of Shyamji and about thirty other of his accomplices. And had Arnav Freaking Raizada mentioned anything about that very important fact? Anything at all? Hell no!
As if he'd sensed my focus on him, Raizada suddenly swerved in my direction. I pointedly looked away, pretending to gaze at the moon. The next time I glanced his way, I almost screamed. He was kneeling before me, his chocolaty, thick-fringed gaze locked on my face.
"Cold?" he murmured with that usual huskiness.
I crossed my arms over my chest as if to ward him off and the effect he had on me. "No, Mr. Dumbo, I'm perfectly peachy. Thanks!"
His lips tipped up and his insufferable, handsome features relaxed into a crooked grin. "Mr. Dumbo? I like that one." Bending low he picked up two rocks, just like how they show in movies and within minutes, there was a fire glowing near my feet. "You'll warm up now."
I wanted nothing more than to scoot closer to the blazing flames. Their warmth felt like nothing less than heaven right now. But I stopped myself. Rising up, I glowered at him. "I don't need your help." Before he could say another word, I marched off toward the trees, passing a very confused looking Aman.
I didn't get very far. Hubby dearest caught up to me easily, grabbing a hold of my elbow with such intimacy we might as well have been truly married. He looked pissed off as he turned me to face him and I secretly rejoiced in it. Oh, so he was upset was he? Well, good, that made two of us.
"What the hell's the matter with you?" Raizada fumed. "You're cold as ice, your hair's soaked and your teeth are even rattling! Come and sit by the fire."
I yanked my arm free. "I'm sorry my rattling teeth are disturbing you so much, but I'm fine. I can take care of myself. Leave me alone please!"
I took another step away from him and with a curse, he spun me around again, backing me up against a tree. His eyes clashed with mine. "Undress."
The command was so unexpected, I froze. "What?"
His mouth thinned. "Change out of those wet clothes right now or I swear, I'll do it myself."
I stared at him with open-mouthed surprise, but it was no joke. He was truly serious. Hands on my hips, I lifted my chin to meet his stormy gaze. "Look, I might have confessed something back there on the ship, but that doesn't mean I'm falling into your bed again. I'm--"
"Mad at me, not ready to forgive me, want to kill me... I know." His hands tightened on my shoulders and I was suddenly very aware that his body was pressed fully against mine. Deliberate or not, it made me oddly breathless to have him so near. My fingers ached to touch him, to stroke the dangerous looking line of stubble marking his jawline, to hold him and never let go, but I forced myself to stay firmly put. My hands fisted at my sides.
Raizada drew even closer, his mouth a hairsbreadth away. My heartbeat escalated as he admitted, "I'd love nothing more than to make love to you, Sushi. All night long. But would you believe me if I told you that I honestly just want you to be warm? You're going to catch a cold if you don't get out of these clothes. Please, baby, just..."
I never heard the rest of that sentence. My brain turned to mush and my body seemed to shut down. A freight train might as well have zipped by and I wouldn't have noticed.
"DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT WORD TO ME!" I smacked him in the chest--several times.
Mr. Sexy caught hold of my wrists, taken aback by my outburst. "What the hell is wrong with you? Did you hit your head or something?"
"No, but if you don't let go of me this very minute, I'll hit something on your head," I promised.
He rolled his eyes at me. "Baby, calm down and--"
There it was again. That same word. "STOP SAYING THAT!"
"Saying what, dammit?" He looked at me as if I'd lost my mind.
I grabbed a hold of his wet T-shirt, shaking him. "BABY! STOP SAYING BABY!"
To be continued...